Friday, April 9, 2010

Frivilous Spending at Meijer

Have I mentioned how much I LOVE after-holiday clearance? I think I look forward more to the sales then the holidays themselves. Since we just bought our house this past January, each holiday has been an opportunity for me to get some new decorations. We basically have nothing because I had given all our knick knack junk to Goodwill because we had been in apartments with no storage space and I got tired of all the clutter.

As we were walking in to Meijer, a man was walking out with one of those prepackaged Easter baskets. I took that as a good sign! Easter items were 75% off. While I think those baskets are full of overpriced junk, at 75% off they were worth it. I got 4 baskets at $2.50 each. Two contained playground balls & sidewalk chalk, one has a basketball and a frisbee, and one has a hat, purse, and some hair clips. The outdoor toys are going to my school for new items for recess. The last basket's contents will be part of my niece's 4th birthday gifts. She loves dress up stuff so I figure she'll get a kick out of it. The baskets themselves and any eggs and grass will go into storage for next year, as we host Easter and I can make up baskets for our nieces and nephews.

I also got an Easter tablecloth for 99 cents, and four pink flowery placemats at 37 cents each. They're more springtime then Easter, so I'll be able to use them for a few months on our new kitchen table! I also got an egg full of "pink power" stickers which I'll use for pen-palling.

Down one of Meijer's many aisles of clearance items, I found some leftover Valentine's Day goodies. I got four super cute placemats for 19 cents each. They have spinners and you can land on things like "kiss the cook", "prepare dessert", "set the table". Neato.