Monday, January 30, 2012

Recent Sales

I haven't been thinking much about eBay, as I've been preparing for my new job (which I LOVE), but I've had a few things up that were relisted...

A lot of 19 exercise videos... $21.99
(IDK exactly how much I paid for them; I picked them up here and there for a quarter each or so)

This pair of TGI Friday's goblets... $12.99 picked up for .50 each

This silly little mouse figurine... sold for $19.99 paid $2.99

Monday, January 16, 2012

Goodwill Finds 1/15/12

My husband, the King of Craigslist deals, had us trekking all over Ohio (okay not really, but about an hour away) so he could trade his phone for an iPhone (which he's not going to use, he's an Android nerd, but he's going to sell the iPhone for some moolala... I've taught him well) so I got to visit some new to me thrifts. 2 different Goodwills. I am jealous because these Goodwills have a 50% off color and a 75% off color!

Here's what I found...
GW #1:
  • 3 books for my classroom... you know, since I'm about to start teaching Language Arts! 50 cents each
  • Hot Rollers... $5.99 but the 75% color... $1.50
  • Set of 2 TGI Friday goblets... .99 each but 50%... .50 each
  • 2 Go Diego Go mugs... looks like they'll be a dud... .59 each
  • a COPS mug... .59
  • a brand new Grace Elements shirt... never heard of the brand but its tag said it retails for 58$ so I took a chance... $1.99 (50% off)
  • a pair of Nike Dri Fit capris... I may wear them for awhile... $1.50 (50% off)
  • and this, I really have no idea why I looked it up but I'm glad I did. I rarely look at figurines because they never seem to sell for much. But I'd never heard of this so I checked it out. A Munro After the Party Pantry Keys mouse figurine. I paid $2.99 for it. There were only 2 completeds, one for $20 something, and one for $120!! Unfortunately I realized when I got home that my figurine is chipped but I think I'll still do okay. It already has 2 watchers.
GW #2:
  • 3 Barney videos, 25 cents each. 1 I'd never seen before, "Three Wishes", which has Sandy Duncan in it, sells for about $20 on its own!
  • 4 books for my classroom, 50 cents each
  • a new bike pump for us, $2.99
  • a little rooster lid, 12 cents (75% color). I collect rooster stuff!

Sorry for the horrible pic!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Opening a Store

Fellow eBayers, are you out there?

My thoughts drifted today to opening a store. I've always thought, oooh that's a good idea, but I don't list enough to justify the cost. I BUY enough. I just don't get around to listing it. I've been using my 50 free listings per month for auctions. Every eBay blog I read says "Don't do auctions!" I do sell a decent amount of my listings, but I always have ones I need to relist.

My problem is I don't have the time (or motivation? or both?) to photograph items and prepare them for listing. But if I had a store, I could list it just once and let it see for as long as I wanted. And I'd eliminate the having to relist thing.

Should I just dive in?

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Me, the Teacher

So some exciting news on the job front. One of my co-workers quit, so I am taking her job! I am very excited as she teaches Language Arts, my passion. I've grown to enjoy Social Studies but sometimes it is boooooring. LA was always my favorite! Co-worker seems to think it will be double the prep for me as I will go from 45 minute periods to 90 minute blocks, so we'll see! I've been wanting her job for the past 2 1/2 years!! Ha!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Surprising Sale

I managed to get a few things up on eBay. Sold a few DVDs on A surprising sale was this:

Add Image

Picked it up at Goodwill for 99 cents, after shipping and fees this sold for $20.66. This is surprising to me because I had originally listed it in early December and got no watchers and no bids. This time around, I opened the auction up to international buyers, got 6 watchers and several bids. The buyer ended up being in the U.S. though. I'm not complaining!

Today I made my first thrift store trip of the new year. I am going to keep track of my expenses in a google spreadsheet and try to stay organized.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy 101st post!

Ha, just realized this blog has 100 posts. So this makes 101.

Tomorrow is back to work... nooooo.... Not looking forward to it. I absolutely LOATHE going back after break. It's just such a weird feeling, and it takes some time to get back into the routine. I've been so lazy... haven't even been to the gym over break, which was so not the plan. So I'm feeling a little bit like I failed, which then makes me stressed out, and ahhhh!! But I know as soon as 8:30 hits and my little cherubs come into my classroom, I'll be back into the swing of things.