Wednesday, June 30, 2010

WAGS 6/30

Quick run to Walgreen's today with the intention of picking up free gum... but they were sold out! So I got 2 bottles of Finesse conditioner instead. It was Buy One @ 3.99, Get One Free. I had a $1 coupon. So with tax it came to $3.26. I will submit a mail-in rebate for $3.00. So 26 cents plus a 44 cent stamp= 2 bottles of conditioner for 70 cents.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Wally World 6/24

Here's my purchases from Wal*Mart today. I found a great cashier named Deb who was super friendly and good with the coupons. If I do have any readers out there, yes I know that my kitchen is a mess and there's a sock on the floor among other things, and part of the living room is unpainted (plan on finishing it this weekend)... So don't judge the mess, just appreciate the deals :)

Since I'm losing weight and it's been awhile since I got some new jammies and it's been YEARS since I got new bras... I found some adorable items for myself...

2-piece Dr. Pepper pajamas $18.00
Play Doh sleep shirt $9.00
bra $9.00
DH wanted an undershirt $10.00
12-pack of Schick disposable razors $1.97-$2q=they paid me .03
trial size Axe body spray $1.97-$1q=.97
trial size Axe deodorant $0.97-$1q= they paid me .03
Laundry detergent=$1.98
Oxy Clean stain remover spray=$3.50
Quaker granola bars=$2.28
Oscar Mayer Lunch Meat $3.00-FREE item q=FREE
California Pizza Kitchen pizza $4.98-$1q=$3.98
Healthy Choice Steamer=$2.48
100 calorie Twinkies=$3.38
2 Skinny Cow ice cream cups $1.22 each-(2)$1q=.44 for two
And then the cats got super spoiled :)...
Tidy Cats litter $7.44-$1q=$6.44
Iams Premium $6.97-$5q=$1.97
Whiskas dry food $3.57-$2q=$1.57
2 packages Hartz Crunch 'n' Clean cat treats $1.98 each-(2)$1.50q=.96 for two
2 packages Whisker Lickins $.94 each-$1.50 for 2 q=.38 for two
2 Whiskas wet food .50 each-BOGOq=.50 for two

Before q's my total was $101.27, after it was $83.75


Saturday, June 12, 2010

Last Minute Run to Giant Eagle 6/12

So I had a good coupon for Small Steps paper products that expired today, and I was unable to find that brand when we went to Meijer, so DH & I ran over to Giant Eagle for a few last minute items. FYI Giant Eagle is within walking distance (albeit we drove because it's dark and storming) so it wasn't a horrible, maniacal, last minute evil wife thing to do. I think we'll do 10 PM shopping from now on; it's so quiet there!

Here's what we came away with...

Open Pit BBQ sauce found .35q on the bottle doubled= .30 (got 2)
Small Steps tissue -$1.00 q= .34
Dad's Cat Food -$1.00 q= 2.49
WW English Muffins= 4.19
Diet Orange Soda=3.50
Tabasco Sauce -.75q doubled= .09
Green Tabasco Sauce -.75q doubled= *THEY paid ME .09 to take it out of the store!* (So for whatever reason, the coupons evened out so that both Tabasco Sauces were FREE!)

Total: $12.68

I wanted the English muffins since we are doing WW and they are only 1 point, DH wanted the cereal and the soda... Otherwise I think everything else was an okay deal. Biscuit the Kitten apparently thought so too! I think he was admiring his lookalike on the cat food bag.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Meijer 6/9

I'm trying to get back into couponing and finally do it hardcore. Here's what I got today at Meijer.

2 cans of Friskies Indoor cat food-BOGO Free q= 2 for .70
Friskies Party Mix cat treats-$1 q= .42
Kitten Chow-FREE item q= FREE
2 bottles of Old Orchard juice-BOGO Free q= 2 for 1.99
Cottonelle bath tissue -$3 q= 1.69
12 packs of Kool-Aid @ 10 cents each -B10Get2Free q= 12 for 1.00
Jolly Time popcorn -.75q doubled= .99 (got two)
Betty Crocker Warm Delights 2 @ $1.00 each -$1/off 2 q=1.00 for two

Total for everything pictured:$7.79

Still working on getting good at this coupon game!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Money-Making Websites

Since I began college five years ago, I've been looking for ways to make money on the Internet. I've found some excellent websites throughout the years, and still stumble upon new ones. From time to time, I'll share some of my favorites so that you can find some ways to make money online yourself. Each site may seem like a small payout, but when put together, and when you get some referrals to use the sites, the money can begin to add up.

InboxDollars is a great program. The gist of it is that you sign up and they send you paid emails almost daily. You click and open the email and get a few cents. When you reach $30.00, they send you a check. You can also earn cash back bonuses when you buy things online and you can take surveys for cash too. I've gotten paid 3 times from them for a total of $81.04.