Thursday, June 24, 2010

Wally World 6/24

Here's my purchases from Wal*Mart today. I found a great cashier named Deb who was super friendly and good with the coupons. If I do have any readers out there, yes I know that my kitchen is a mess and there's a sock on the floor among other things, and part of the living room is unpainted (plan on finishing it this weekend)... So don't judge the mess, just appreciate the deals :)

Since I'm losing weight and it's been awhile since I got some new jammies and it's been YEARS since I got new bras... I found some adorable items for myself...

2-piece Dr. Pepper pajamas $18.00
Play Doh sleep shirt $9.00
bra $9.00
DH wanted an undershirt $10.00
12-pack of Schick disposable razors $1.97-$2q=they paid me .03
trial size Axe body spray $1.97-$1q=.97
trial size Axe deodorant $0.97-$1q= they paid me .03
Laundry detergent=$1.98
Oxy Clean stain remover spray=$3.50
Quaker granola bars=$2.28
Oscar Mayer Lunch Meat $3.00-FREE item q=FREE
California Pizza Kitchen pizza $4.98-$1q=$3.98
Healthy Choice Steamer=$2.48
100 calorie Twinkies=$3.38
2 Skinny Cow ice cream cups $1.22 each-(2)$1q=.44 for two
And then the cats got super spoiled :)...
Tidy Cats litter $7.44-$1q=$6.44
Iams Premium $6.97-$5q=$1.97
Whiskas dry food $3.57-$2q=$1.57
2 packages Hartz Crunch 'n' Clean cat treats $1.98 each-(2)$1.50q=.96 for two
2 packages Whisker Lickins $.94 each-$1.50 for 2 q=.38 for two
2 Whiskas wet food .50 each-BOGOq=.50 for two

Before q's my total was $101.27, after it was $83.75


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