Saturday, April 30, 2011

Kroger 4/30

Spent $39.18 for all the items pictured, thanks to Kroger's Triple Coupons event.

Gorton's Popcorn Shrimp @ $5.19-.50q tripled=$3.69
Gorton's Tilapia @ $4.99-.50q tripled=$3.49
Gorton's Potato Crunch fish @ $4.62-.50q tripled=$3.12
2 bags of Birdseye Steamfresh Lightly Sauced Pasta @ $2.69 each -(2) .50q tripled= $1.19 each
Texas Toast Croutons @ $1.99-.50q tripled=.49
2 boxes pierogies @ $2.89 each-$1/2q=$4.78 for both
Bertolli pasta sauce @ $3.19-.75q doubled=$1.69
1 box Stove Top stuffing @ $1.00-.50q doubled=FREE
Jell-o Temptations pudding @ $2.89-.50q tripled=$1.39
2 small pizzas @ $1.00 each
Biggest Loser lasagna meal=$5.99, will submit for rebate making it FREE minus the cost of a postage stamp
2 packages Carefree pantyliners @ $1.09 each -(2) .50q tripled=FREE
1 box Pop-tarts @ $1.99
Ivory soap 3-pack @ $1-.50q doubled=FREE
Celestial Seasonings tea @ $2.59-.50q tripled=$1.09
Krusteaz Pancake mix @ $3.09-.50q tripled=$1.59
Dawn dish soap @ $1.49-.50q tripled=FREE
3-pack yeast @ $1.49- .40q tripled=.29
2 Reach floss @ $1 each -(2) .50q doubled=FREE
3 Listerine Pocketpacs @ $1 each -(3) .50q doubled=FREE
Mentos gum @ $1 -.35q tripled=FREE
2 packs of Uncle Ben's ready rice @ $1.60 each= had 1 FREE item coupon, had .75 q doubled=.10 for the other
2 boxes Pringles Stix @ $3.69 each -(2) .50q tripled= $2.19 each
loaf of bread=manager's special .59
7 packs of Ramen= .18 each
smoked sausage @ $2.50-.55q doubled=$1.40

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Today's goodies 4/13

I had two awesome coupons that CVS put out, one on their Twitter and one on Facebook. 1 for a FREE item from the antibacterial beauty line, and 1 for a FREE drink or candy.

Hand soap=FREE
Diet Dr. Pepper=FREE

Also ran to Giant Eagle. Had a $2 off any small Digiorno Pizza, and they were on sale for $2.50


P.S. Extreme Couponing is on tonight! So is Storage Wars! =)

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Garage Sale on 4/9/11

Have I mentioned that I LOVE garage sales? I got what you see in the picture for only $2.75... DH & I went to this garage sale yesterday where almost everything was a quarter! I got the following...

2 Van Gogh paintings
a pineapple cutter
decorative mirror
pair of sandals
1964 Golden Book, Charmin' Chatty
Hooked on Phonics
Giant copy of Tawny Scrawny Lion
Oh, The Places You'll Go! by Dr. Seuss
Black Scrapbook Wall Collage (more or less a picture frame)
& DH got a dolly step ladder combo (not pictured)

Each item was only a quarter like I said, so we spent $3.00 for everything! Everything's in good shape; the clock has a price tag of $37.99 on the back! The scrapbook frame has never been used and that appears to be the same case for the pineapple cutter. The big book has a price tag of $4.88 from Sam's Club, the sandals are Merona (Target), and the mirror says Target on the back too. I've been needing some new shoes, especially in brown, since the dog ate my brown Crocs (which I got for a buck at a sale last year). The Van Gogh pictures are already hanging up in the loft as is the clock. The mirror will go in the bedroom. The Tawny Scrawny Lion book, I'm sure my students will get a kick out of due to its size. A Dr. Seuss book for that cheap is hard to come by! I'll glance through the Hooked on Phonics materials to use for ESL. And the Charmin' Chatty book I'm going to list on Listia to hopefully appeal to some antique lovers.

Fun fun!

Sweet Deals 4/8... The no pics edition :(

Sorry for no pictures this time! Here's what I snagged while out running errands Friday.

5 Degree for Men trial size deodorants @ .97 -(5)$1q= Paid me .18 to take 'em!
1 Purex 3-in-1 laundry sheets trial size @ .97 -$1q= Paid me .03
2 Country Bob Sauces=had FREE item coupon
2 cat foods= had FREE item coupon

at Wally I found a .50 off q for trial size Aquafresh... Someone just left it there for the taking! I love when that happens!

9 Ajax dish detergents @ .99 -(9).50q doubled= FREE

2 14-lb jugs of kitty litter @ 6.99-(2)$3q=$3.99 ea

5 Vaseline trial size lotions @ 1.00 -(5)$1q= FREE
Remember that Aquafresh coupon I found? Got that for $1.00-.50q doubled=FREE
Also I found a Purex coupon, so I'll be heading to Wally with that sometime this week :)

Friday, April 1, 2011

Kroger & Wal-Mart

Yay for more deals! I spent $13.27 for everything pictured, and got a $5 cat back (but not the cat in the picture, LOL).

1 Ajax @ .99- 50q doubled=FREE... wish I knew Kroger had these 10 cents cheaper than GE does, since I bought 2 at GE yesterday!
3 Suaves @ $1.29-(3) .75q doubled=FREE
2 Bumblebee tuna packets @ $1.19 each -.75/2q I found in an aisle doubled=.88 or .44 each
Dozen eggs=$1.00
3 Post treats @ $2.69 -(3).75q doubled=$1.19 each
2.43 lb bananas @ .54/lb=$1.31
Dentyne gum at $1.29=had FREE item coupon
2 cans of Hunt's tomatoes @ .99 each=had FREE item coupons
16 Candy eggs @ .99 each-(8)$1/2 coupons=.49 each and got a $5.00 off a giftcard cat=.18 each
And got 2 free bags of chips (DH was with me) because Kroger was having an "April Fools" promotion!

At Wal*Mart
3 packs of gum=used FREE item coupons
4 packs of Purex sheets @ .97 each- (3) $1.00 qs