Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sweet Deals 4/8... The no pics edition :(

Sorry for no pictures this time! Here's what I snagged while out running errands Friday.

5 Degree for Men trial size deodorants @ .97 -(5)$1q= Paid me .18 to take 'em!
1 Purex 3-in-1 laundry sheets trial size @ .97 -$1q= Paid me .03
2 Country Bob Sauces=had FREE item coupon
2 cat foods= had FREE item coupon

at Wally I found a .50 off q for trial size Aquafresh... Someone just left it there for the taking! I love when that happens!

9 Ajax dish detergents @ .99 -(9).50q doubled= FREE

2 14-lb jugs of kitty litter @ 6.99-(2)$3q=$3.99 ea

5 Vaseline trial size lotions @ 1.00 -(5)$1q= FREE
Remember that Aquafresh coupon I found? Got that for $1.00-.50q doubled=FREE
Also I found a Purex coupon, so I'll be heading to Wally with that sometime this week :)

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