Sunday, April 28, 2013

Off with a bang

Yesterday's start to garage sale season was excellent. We hit a handful of singles and two church sales. I came across 6 to 8 sealed blank VHS cassette tapes ($3 for all), two metal hooks with monkeys on them to consign ($1 each), a damask teapot (will try on eBay, and if it doesn't too well there I'll keep it--$2), and a huge bin of Barbies and Bratz like dolls for $3. I've already pulled them out and sorted them and listed them for the consignment sale this upcoming weekend. I listed $48 worth! Also I pulled out a few to try on eBay- one is a Harry Potter doll. He is wearing a Hogwarts sweater but no pants, LOL, and he is missing his glasses. Also two Indian Barbies wearing beautiful saris. The snaps seem to be messed up so I might ask my mother-in-law to sew them for me. But her track record at returning stuff is not so good, so I might also just list as is- looks like I could get 30$ or so. That's it for the singles. Oh yeah, also Carlos got a 22" Acer widescreen monitor for $20. I guess that's a great deal? Hopefully when he gets bored with it it will generate a profit on CraigsList.

The church sales were great. I hit both sales at half price time! Oh yeah! At the first sale I scored a vintage Pound Puppy (25 cents), a Jessie from Toy Story lunch box (25 cents), these things called Yoga Toes for 50 cents- um, what?, two play McDonald's headsets from the '80s (my cousin had this McDonald's drive-thru window thing where you had play McDonald's food- I loved it- and remember these headsets. They were $1 for both), some clarinet reeds (25 cents), a new in box Sponge Bob Christmas ornament for 50 cents, and that might have been it.

The final church sale was awesome!

 I scored this huge pile of teaching books. These are great resources, in fab shape, and easily resellable. I only picked the ones I wanted to read, but there were still so many left. Can you believe they were 2/25 cents?! What is even better- one of them I will need for a college class in the fall, and I would have had to shell out over 30 bucks to buy it on Amazon! Score! I also got the "my first curl" box on top, Harry Potter bed sheets and pillow case, a giant pen I need for a skit we're doing for the students tomorrow (to psych them up for state tests- ugh),  a box of kitschy vintage bridge score pads, a vintage Strawberry Shortcake game, a bag of Handy Manny PVC figures (thanks She Thrifts, She $cores! for that tip!), and a musical Weebles RV/camper.

Success! A great start, hopefully an omen for the future! Have a great week!

Friday, April 26, 2013

It's time!!

I am super excited for tomorrow!! It will be my very first garage sale Saturday of the year! It's been sooo long. I am finally done with teaching test prep, so Saturday mornings are going to be full of bargain hunting! Yeah, yeah! Is it pathetic how excited I truly am? I feel like I did as a kid for Christmas....

Like I've mentioned before, I'm in the middle of my consignment selling season. I've completed two sales, one is this weekend, and the final one will be next weekend. I'll just share a few of the better flips....

A book of dino mazes... Free to me as Carlos found them one day in the middle of the street. Sold for $1.50 (get $1.05 from that)... Yeah that's not a big flip by any means, but it was free to me... moral of the story is, you never know where you might find inventory!
arcade ball game... paid $5 at after-Christmas clearance at CVS... sold for $20.00 (I make $14 of that)
nerf gun... Same deal, paid $5 at after-Christmas clearance but this time at Kroger... sold for $20 so I get $14
Fisher-Price Incrediblock and 16 or so Peekablocks... Paid $2 at a garage sale last year... Had to pay a few bucks to put batteries in it... Sold for $30 (I will get $19.50)

Only 1 eBay sale since last time... A new in box Harry Potter trivia game sold for $16... paid $1.99 at Goodwill...

Saturday, April 20, 2013

I have too much stuff.

I feel as though I spend more time in the cycle of buying, making a mess, and organizing than I do actually selling, listing, and shipping. Who feels the same way? eBay has been very slow for me lately, but I haven't really been listing, just relisting, and I guess a lot of what I've been relisting time and time again are duds. It's funny though, I'll have something listed for months, the listing will run out, it will sit unlisted for a week or so, and then when I go to relist it, bam, it sells within a few hours. Like the Lalaloopsy backpack below.

New with Tag NWT Lalaloopsy Sew Cute Heart Shaped Blue Backpack Back Pack Bag

Sold for $19.99 plus $4 shipping, paid $3.99 at GW. Still have a pink one to list too.

The only other sales since I last posted were:

Lot of 3 New in Package Sealed Vintage Chapstick Chap Stick Lip Balm Blistex 70s

Sold for $9.99 plus $4.00 shipping, paid roughly $2.75 at estate sale in last post.


This picture looks kind of stupid with the pen. Oh well I've never been one to care too much about my pictures, maybe I should, but I don't.
Sold for $9.99 plus $10 shipping to Canada. Free to me, from my dad's collection of junk of varying sorts.


This was one of those finally sold after listing a million times things. Sold for $14.99 plus $4 shipping (although I ended up paying more for shipping because I put it in a priority box and didn't wrap it all the way, just covered the markings up, so the clerk advised I ship it priority cuz one of the mailmen might charge postage due on the buyer's end...lesson learned) Paid only $1.80/.90 each at VOA.

Update soon about my consignment sales...