Friday, April 26, 2013

It's time!!

I am super excited for tomorrow!! It will be my very first garage sale Saturday of the year! It's been sooo long. I am finally done with teaching test prep, so Saturday mornings are going to be full of bargain hunting! Yeah, yeah! Is it pathetic how excited I truly am? I feel like I did as a kid for Christmas....

Like I've mentioned before, I'm in the middle of my consignment selling season. I've completed two sales, one is this weekend, and the final one will be next weekend. I'll just share a few of the better flips....

A book of dino mazes... Free to me as Carlos found them one day in the middle of the street. Sold for $1.50 (get $1.05 from that)... Yeah that's not a big flip by any means, but it was free to me... moral of the story is, you never know where you might find inventory!
arcade ball game... paid $5 at after-Christmas clearance at CVS... sold for $20.00 (I make $14 of that)
nerf gun... Same deal, paid $5 at after-Christmas clearance but this time at Kroger... sold for $20 so I get $14
Fisher-Price Incrediblock and 16 or so Peekablocks... Paid $2 at a garage sale last year... Had to pay a few bucks to put batteries in it... Sold for $30 (I will get $19.50)

Only 1 eBay sale since last time... A new in box Harry Potter trivia game sold for $16... paid $1.99 at Goodwill...


  1. We have been having amazing weather all week, and there were finally a bunch of yard sales today. I was just excited as you - I felt like it was finally the first day of yard sale season. :-)

    Hope you have some great finds tomorrow!

    1. It was a great start! Thanks to reading your blog, and seeing how well you've done with PVC figures, I picked up a bag of Handy Manny figures. They were 75 cents but half off. Should get at least 15$ for them!

    2. Yay! PVC characters are one of my favorite things to sell right now.