Sunday, April 28, 2013

Off with a bang

Yesterday's start to garage sale season was excellent. We hit a handful of singles and two church sales. I came across 6 to 8 sealed blank VHS cassette tapes ($3 for all), two metal hooks with monkeys on them to consign ($1 each), a damask teapot (will try on eBay, and if it doesn't too well there I'll keep it--$2), and a huge bin of Barbies and Bratz like dolls for $3. I've already pulled them out and sorted them and listed them for the consignment sale this upcoming weekend. I listed $48 worth! Also I pulled out a few to try on eBay- one is a Harry Potter doll. He is wearing a Hogwarts sweater but no pants, LOL, and he is missing his glasses. Also two Indian Barbies wearing beautiful saris. The snaps seem to be messed up so I might ask my mother-in-law to sew them for me. But her track record at returning stuff is not so good, so I might also just list as is- looks like I could get 30$ or so. That's it for the singles. Oh yeah, also Carlos got a 22" Acer widescreen monitor for $20. I guess that's a great deal? Hopefully when he gets bored with it it will generate a profit on CraigsList.

The church sales were great. I hit both sales at half price time! Oh yeah! At the first sale I scored a vintage Pound Puppy (25 cents), a Jessie from Toy Story lunch box (25 cents), these things called Yoga Toes for 50 cents- um, what?, two play McDonald's headsets from the '80s (my cousin had this McDonald's drive-thru window thing where you had play McDonald's food- I loved it- and remember these headsets. They were $1 for both), some clarinet reeds (25 cents), a new in box Sponge Bob Christmas ornament for 50 cents, and that might have been it.

The final church sale was awesome!

 I scored this huge pile of teaching books. These are great resources, in fab shape, and easily resellable. I only picked the ones I wanted to read, but there were still so many left. Can you believe they were 2/25 cents?! What is even better- one of them I will need for a college class in the fall, and I would have had to shell out over 30 bucks to buy it on Amazon! Score! I also got the "my first curl" box on top, Harry Potter bed sheets and pillow case, a giant pen I need for a skit we're doing for the students tomorrow (to psych them up for state tests- ugh),  a box of kitschy vintage bridge score pads, a vintage Strawberry Shortcake game, a bag of Handy Manny PVC figures (thanks She Thrifts, She $cores! for that tip!), and a musical Weebles RV/camper.

Success! A great start, hopefully an omen for the future! Have a great week!


  1. Wow great finds. I found nothing to sell this weekend but plenty to keep. Score on the book you are going to need for class. I love when that happens.