Friday, September 30, 2011

So Long September

Next week I will be taking stuff to a consignment sale, so this weekend I'll be finishing up adding the inventory to the online database and tagging items. Today was a professional development day (AKA a waste of time) and afterwards I swung by the VOA thrift store. I found a toy of the green striped character from Yo Gabba Gabba that I still need to research, but he was 90 cents so I figured I'd go for it. I think he needs new batteries too. I also found 3 pairs of kid's shoes packaged in bags at 99 cents each. I found it strange because through the bags they seemed in excellent shape and I don't know why they were so cheap and in bags to begin with, when all the other shoes are on a shelf and are more costly and in crummier condition. Well at home I opened the bags and examined them, and sure enough, each pair is in wonderful shape. Only downside was one pair are LeBron James Nikes and being as I am an Ohioan I despise him, but as Carlos pointed out it's not like he's getting paid off of them since I bought them secondhand. Plus I'll hopefully make several bucks profit at the consignment sale.

I'm going to take a bunch of stuff to the sale that I could sell on eBay, but I figure since I move so slowly listing I minds well get rid of some of my inventory so I can do what I do best and that is buy more!

Tomorrow unfortunately are conferences from 10-2 so I'm missing out on a few church sales. Oh how I love church sales because they frequently have fill a bag deals at the end. I hope to get to one though that doesn't end until 4.

So long September, you zoomed by.

Saturday, September 24, 2011


Dear eBay,

I really don't understand you. Why is it that certain amazing things with great completeds just don't sell when I list them? Or great amazing things in general? Like a like new pair of Ferragamo shoes complete with box? And why is it that something will get no watchers or views, then immediately after it is relisted, it sells for the Buy it Now price?

How many relists does it take you until an item sells?

Sunday, September 11, 2011

And I just keep buying and buying...

I've come along some super neat finds recently. My main obstacle is still getting these neat things listed. I reason with myself that I just have to keep going to as many garage sales as possible because winter will be here soon! And winter in Ohio means no garage sales. I did just sell Renaissance chess pieces for $11.99 which I bought about a month ago for 90 cents. Also the Citizens of Humanity jeans I got for $2.49 sold at Buy it Now for $28.99! And I hit the shipping right on the head to the exact penny!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

50% off Labor Day Sale!

Yesterday was a great day. Carlos & I went to a waterpark and had a great time in the beautiful weather. On the way home, we hit Goodwill which was having a 50% off EVERYTHING Labor Day sale. I shopped for a long time, even looking at clothes which I normally bypass as there's just too many. I got a great haul:

All 8 volumes of the Charlie Brown Dictionaries
A Berenstein Bears book to add to my stash to list as a lot
A dictionary for my classroom
All books were cost $2.95

A pair of big men's shoes NWT $1.99

3 men's shirts, an Aeropostale, Tommy Hilfiger, and Abercrombie $1.74 each

A set of 2 3-D Christmas Tree cake pans in box $3.49

3 pairs of shoes, men's Cole Haan's & Florsheims & women's Danskos!!! $2.49 each

2 pairs of women's jeans, Citizens of Humanity & Lilly Pulitzer, $2.49 each

2 Holly Hobbie plates $.99 for both

A Ren & Stimpy Christmas mug $.49

Stencil decor that looks like books, I think I'll put up in my office/"eBay room" $.99

A pair of leggings that look like jeans (not jeggings) for myself, $.49

An exercise DVD, $1.49

Stretchable book cover, $.49... The front of the package says 7 ct. value pack, but there's only 1 in here... sniff... I'll take to school and see if any student wants it.

NWT girls' Circo cowboy boots... $.99 so awesome because I just read an entry about them at eBay Underground.

Also Carlos got a pair of boxers which I don't see on the receipt. At the end the cashier was like, "you have a lot of random stuff," and I think just stopped caring about ringing them up lol. That and he and Carlos started talking about Star Wars.

So excited to get these things listed. I am having a difficult time staying on top of my pile 'o' stuff. I didn't sell anything on eBay this past week :-P