Sunday, September 4, 2011

50% off Labor Day Sale!

Yesterday was a great day. Carlos & I went to a waterpark and had a great time in the beautiful weather. On the way home, we hit Goodwill which was having a 50% off EVERYTHING Labor Day sale. I shopped for a long time, even looking at clothes which I normally bypass as there's just too many. I got a great haul:

All 8 volumes of the Charlie Brown Dictionaries
A Berenstein Bears book to add to my stash to list as a lot
A dictionary for my classroom
All books were cost $2.95

A pair of big men's shoes NWT $1.99

3 men's shirts, an Aeropostale, Tommy Hilfiger, and Abercrombie $1.74 each

A set of 2 3-D Christmas Tree cake pans in box $3.49

3 pairs of shoes, men's Cole Haan's & Florsheims & women's Danskos!!! $2.49 each

2 pairs of women's jeans, Citizens of Humanity & Lilly Pulitzer, $2.49 each

2 Holly Hobbie plates $.99 for both

A Ren & Stimpy Christmas mug $.49

Stencil decor that looks like books, I think I'll put up in my office/"eBay room" $.99

A pair of leggings that look like jeans (not jeggings) for myself, $.49

An exercise DVD, $1.49

Stretchable book cover, $.49... The front of the package says 7 ct. value pack, but there's only 1 in here... sniff... I'll take to school and see if any student wants it.

NWT girls' Circo cowboy boots... $.99 so awesome because I just read an entry about them at eBay Underground.

Also Carlos got a pair of boxers which I don't see on the receipt. At the end the cashier was like, "you have a lot of random stuff," and I think just stopped caring about ringing them up lol. That and he and Carlos started talking about Star Wars.

So excited to get these things listed. I am having a difficult time staying on top of my pile 'o' stuff. I didn't sell anything on eBay this past week :-P

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  1. Great haul! Good luck with your sales! It should pick up soon. Remember, the more you have listed, the more that will sell!