Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Eid=Thrift Store Shopping!

Today is a Muslim holiday, and since so much of the student body celebrates it, we had a day off. That meant breakfast out with hubby followed by thrift store shopping! We went to a little Mennonite shop the town over which is sooooo clean and organized and has lots of cheap goodies. I got some random stuff, including several VHS tapes for 25 cents, a few Junie B. Jones books (I think I have enough for a lot), a few items for teaching, etc. I spent around $7.50 there. Then we went to Volunteers of America. On the last Tuesday of every month, EVERYTHING there is 50% off! I just learned that. I am so excited about this... another store, Ohio Thrift, does 50% off clothing and shoes every last Wednesday, but it's way over on the other side of the city. VOA is close and nicer! We spent about $34 on the following:
Spiderman shirt for DH: $2
AE plaid shorts for me: $3
NWT Christopher & Banks shirt for me: $2
beautiful Indian style New York & Co top for me: $3
NWT Everlast Coolmax exercise top... I might resell, will check prices, if not, I'll keep: $3
NWT Covington sweater for me: $3.50
simple Banana Republic top for me: $3
Adidas windpants for DH: $1
The North Face shirt to sell: $4.50
Adidas Clima365 top for me: $3
Care Bears bed sheet to sell: $1
Pixos: .45

EDIT: forgot a bag of more things from VOA:
My strange spouse wanted 2 stuffed animals. He's Mexican and found a teddy with a sombrero as well as the TY Beanie Buddy Mexican bear. I think each was .50 or $1. Seriously he has the strangest collection of random toys. Star Wars, wrestling figures, superheroes. It's cute but sort of annoying. I want to get him a shelfing unit so at least everything will be displayed. But it's all up in his man cave a.k.a. the spare bedroom upstairs so out of sight, out of mind. Who am I to judge; I have a curio cabinet full of roosters.

I got a Puffalump to resell for $1.
Also a stack of postcards that say "Greetings from the Seventies" and have a guy in a leisure suit. Still sealed. Can't find any info on them but I have a feeling they'll do well. Cost .45.

I really need to list. My house is overflowing with random crap!! It's much more fun shopping than listing.


  1. Ha! I know, the shopping is so fun but sometimes the listing gets very tedious. We always have to wait until baby is asleep and when that finally happens, we're so tired, it's hard to get motivated to stage pics and try to make some old ceramic mushroom canisters sound like the coolest thing you've ever seen. This sounds crazy, but I'm jealous you found a cool sheet to sell. I've been looking for character bedding for a while now and can't find anything!

  2. I've been looking for awhile and I was surprised to find it. It appears to be vintage Care Bears too. It's hard to list sometimes because the pets want to get in the pictures and get fur on everything. And now my cell phone battery is about to die so I can't take pics now :-P.

  3. I'm with you on the 'houseful of random' crap scenario...I like to call it my stock lol! We can hardly move for things and the listing is a total pain but I like the money I make. Doesn't everyone!?
    Well done on your finds. I have a lot of vintage kids bedding here that I plan to list.....some time ;P

    K xx