Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Yays & Nays

Let me tell you some of my successful and unsuccessful auctions on eBay. We'll get the bad over first...

This was my first auction since I started reselling again. Even though it was a few short weeks ago, I already realize things I should have done differently. It was a lot of Little People animals and other generic animals. I should have sold the generics separately and held on to the LPs for later. You live, you learn. I paid $3.18. I only got one bid, $6.99. I underestimated shipping. Ended up with a very slim profit of 36 cents. Probably nonexistent if you factor in the eBay fees.

Secondly was a set of Sweet Valley High books. Paid $4.82. Sold for $9.98. After shipping, profit of $1.93. Not much but it did get me a positive feedback. So there's the bright side!

Just to vent, here's some more nays unrelated to eBay. I cut my finger open while chopping cabbage (from the garden!) for coleslaw. I cut it at a very awkward angle where it went through my fingernail. It still hurts. Also, I was making microwave bread & butter pickles out of my garden grown cucumbers. As I was taking the bowl out of the microwave, I dropped it on the floor. Poor pickles and sticky me.

Now on to the YAYS!!

Picked up a set of Pokemon tupperware lids for $1.07. Ended up with a profit of $7.93.

Got a brand-new Carters romper for $1.07. This was my only Buy-it-Now. Profit of $5.64.

How is everyone doing?!

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  1. I'm terrible at shipping. Even with a scale and lots of boxes, I still manage to jack it up sometimes and eat into my profits. Also I just hate to ship stuff. My auctions are going ok...I have a Babblin Boo from Monsters Inc up that has lots of watchers, but no bids yet. I think it has two days left. I've got some Noah's Ark LP up too with watchers but no bids. That is so frustrating. But about your acutions...just look at it this way, at least you're making money. It's small now, but if you're savvy, it can only get bigger!