Sunday, August 21, 2011

Craigslist Success

I managed to find a Little Tikes Football Toy Chest at VOA Thrift Store! It was $8. I logged into our CL account to list it and noticed 2 listings had expired: one for our garage door opener & one for my old phone. Oh, so that's why no one had been inquiring about them! So I reactivated both, and ta-da! They've both sold!

The garage door opener was picked up in the spring at a yard sale, with intentions of installing it in our garage. Mr. Thrifty is not so handy, or so he says, so we decided to resell it instead. It sold early on in the summer for $100 to an older couple, who then called the next day and asked if they could return it, because according to the people who were going to install it, it was a crappy model. Uh. Anyone else think the old folks were getting screwed by the company who convinced them to buy their $300+ model? I do! Anyway, we gave them a refund but they told us to keep $10 for the inconvenience.

Originally paid $40 at yard sale-$10 from old folks=$30 in the hole

Today we sold it for $85 to another guy. Hopefully he won't have any problems!

-$30 + $85= $55 profit!!

I don't know how much we originally paid for the phone, but we got $50 for it today.

However, the Little Tikes cooler/toy box/whatever hasn't sold yet. But I live in Buckeye Country so I'm not worried! I think I will change the category (currently in baby & kids) and that will do the trick!

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