Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Goodwill Outlet Profit Checks, Yays, an Oops, and News for Tomorrow

So it's easy for me to know whether or not I make profit off of items at regular thrift stores and yard sales, because it's all individually priced. Well at the GW outlet, since it's weighed by pound, I will take the total I paid and slowly subtract each item that sells until I've made more than I've spent.

Goodwill Outlet Trip #1... the receipt went missing...pretty sure DH had it... need to learn to stay better organized if I truly want to continue to grow my eBay business/inventory... sigh... Anyway DH said he thought it was $19. For some reason I thought $22. I'm going to go with the higher amount...

1 item sold so far, Jell-O Beans mold, $6.00

Around $16 to go to break even!

Goodwill Outlet #2

Spent $30.51

1 item sold so far, Tinkerbell curtain, $12.70

$17.81 to go to break even

Here's some Yays. Two items from Half.com.

I purchased an audio version of the Bible, NIP, at a yard sale for $2. Sold for $14.55
WTC DVD purchased at a yard sale for .50, sold for $5.86

Oops. I made a huge blunder in terms of shipping. I thought the flat rate boxes cost the same no matter where they go. The medium boxes are $10.95 to send domestic, but I learned they're over $40 to ship internationally! The buyer of my LPS lot is in Russia. The USPS clerk told me if I put it in another box it would be around $22. The buyer paid $10.95 for shipping. I just can't cover $11 in shipping. That will kill any profit. I know I'm risking a negative feedback, but, I emailed the buyer and explained the situation. Mentioned I am new to shipping internationally and told her she can either paypal me the difference and I'll ship or I can refund her. We'll see how that goes. SIGH!!! I'm not going to stop shipping internationally though, as the buyer of the Tinkerbell curtain is in Canada. I just need to be more careful.

Tomorrow, Wednesday August 17, is National Thrift Store Day! I know one Goodwill here is doing 50% off children's clothes. Volunteers of America is giving 25% off your total if you bring in a bag of donations. We're going to do that as we are planning on buying a couch from them, if it hasn't sold yet!

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