Sunday, August 7, 2011

One Last Awesome Sale

Linking up with Yard Sale Mommy. Her blog rocks!

Daisy & her sniffer... investigating items that were in someone's basement for awhile!

The last sale we hit on Friday was the best sale I've been to in awhile. There was so much stuff there and it all brought me back to my childhood! Immediately I noticed something called Dolly Pops. It was old and something I'd never played with, so I knew it was early '80s or older. A quick eBay search on my phone showed some completed listings for $20+. I grabbed it. Had a $5 tag on it but asked if they'd take $4 and they did. I saw some Barbie accessories that I had as a child. Got geeked over, a quick bit of nostalgia, but passed on 'em. There was a boatload of older board games, priced at only .25. I had Carlos check some on eBay as I looked around at more stuff. In the mean time, I grabbed 3 VHS tapes still in wrap (.25 each), 3 oversized NKOTB buttons , .50 each, figured I could capitalize on the NKOTBSB tour and make some cash off these, and then I saw a Caboodle. I had one of these and it was so cool. I even had mini Caboodles that were like lip gloss holders. No price, but the guy there saw me eyeing it and asked his wife (?) how much it was. She said $1. I grabbed it because I thought it would be a good container for make-up and such. Those things are durable. A search at home shows these sell well so I will resell it! Carlos told me that the NKOTB board game sells well, so we grabbed that and 4 other board games. Thanks to I Can Sell This, I knew I could make a profit from the complete set of Big Bird Dictionaries. I got them, all 8 volumes, for $4. Finally my eyes gravitated to this huge box of McDonald's toys. I saw a bunch I had as a kid so I knew these were late '80s and early '90s. It said 5 toys for $1.00 on the box but I knew I couldn't just pick 5. So I bravely asked what kind of offer they'd do for the whole box. They said $8. Thinking of my fellow eBay blog friends, I courageously countered, "will you do $6?". They said sure. Everything together came to $18.50.

At this point two things happened. #1 I reached into my pocket and panicked. No $20 bill. CRAP! I searched around, and WHEW! It was on the ground. Close call. My potential eBay earnings were almost shot. #2, one of the people hosting the sale showed her sister (?) something on her phone. I knew they were looking at the value of something on eBay. They had caught onto us. Carlos is not very sly at using his phone. I can do it kneeling on the floor pretending to be searching through boxes, but he's super obvious. I could tell they were kind of irritated. But oh well. I walked away with my huge collection of loot. Later on it was great fun going through that box of McDonald's toys. There were over a hundred pieces. I will be working on getting these goodies listed and will report back about how I did!

How do you feel if you get outed as a reseller? I feel kind of dirty or like I'm cheating. Similar to the way I feel when I coupon and get things for FREE. But in terms of the garage sale, this is what I have to say about it...

Anyone with even a small amount of computer literacy can search things on eBay... even my dad can do it, and that's saying something LOL! They should have considered that "vintage" things might sell well and look it up BEFORE the sale. Also, it's going to be a decent amount of work to get these things listed. Especially the board games, as I have to see if there are pieces missing and figure out what condition they're in, and then figure out how to ship them. So for the people who try to deter us eBayers... yeah, it's work. Fun work, but still...


  1. Thanks for the shout out! You did awesome! I am super jealous of the board games. That's crazy that they caught on to you. I don't think anyone has done that to us...yet.

  2. Great Haul! I'm still working on being sly while searching my Ebay app. I don't understand why people don't check these things out before they have a yard sale. My guess is that the people who shopped the sale after you may have seen higher prices...


  3. I totally know how you feel about searching on your phone at a garage sale. I always feel like people know what I'm doing and that it irritates them. I'm trying to get over it because, like you said, they could have done more research before putting their stuff out. Nice haul! You got some great stuff!

  4. I don't feel too bad -though I have never been outed, haha. But everyone has the opportunity to list their stuff on Ebay, so if they don't it is their loss. I bought 2 brand new skechers shoes and another pair of cow girl boots this weekend for $7 total - the family seemed kind of unhappy about it because they were new, but if they wanted a higher price, they should have sold it online. I have held garage sales and if someone bought something of mine for a nickle and then turned around and sold is for $20 - then it is my fault and all the best too them. haha

    Great finds!!!!


  5. I totally know what you mean about being outed. Lol. The thing I struggle with is buying things to resell that other people garage sailing may also need. We buy most of our kid clothes, learning toys and books from garage sales and couldn't really afford otherwise. So I don't want to take something someone else needs just to resell it. You know what I mean? Sigh. I don't know. Lol.