Friday, August 12, 2011

Today's Garage Sale Successes and (kinda-sorta) Failures

Whew! I am tired! Got to some great sales today, including a huge one at a local high school. Sorry too lazy for a picture, but I'll tell you what I got.

Sale #1
Don't we love the dads who take care of the sales? I know I do. Case in point: I was sorting through a box of VHS tapes. Noticed a lot of Barney ones. The box said "25 cents each". Daddy-0 says, without any prompting by me at all, "I'll take $2 for the whole box." SOLD! When I get home, I count the tapes. Most are Barney, with some Blues, and a few various. Ends up there are 43 tapes in the box! What!!

At the same sale, I got a baggie with three virtual pets. I believe 2 are actual Tamagatchi brand. I also got a pack of blank cassette tapes. For both, I paid $1.

Sale #2

I got a Scooby Doo Mystery Machine kinda toy thing for $1, a Blues Clues suitcase kinda thing that has some art supplies in it for $1, a pair of kids' Born sandals for $4 (IDK if I spent too much... the completeds are iffy), & Carlos A.K.A. Mr. Big Kid himself got a toy light saber for $1.

Sale #3

This was the big high school sale. It's for athletic boosters and each sports' team had its own table/area. I got a ton of stuff, I'm going to see what I remember...

I got a bunch of fabric book covers for 25 cents each... I'll sell these to my students because book cover was one of the supplies for my class. I know I'll have kids who come unprepared to school, unfortunately...

A bunch of Mary-Kate & Ashley VHS tapes... 25 cents each

For my classroom, the following items:
talking GeoSafari globe $2, little bag of coin/token things for playing games .10, magnetic USA map (fun, I played with it, haha!) $1, some books from 10 cents to 50 cents, giant USA map floor puzzle $2, USA trivia game $2.

Also got a leash for the dog $1.

For resale... a set of hot rollers $2, Lemony Snicket game $1, Star Wars Monopoly $3, Risk game $3, some blank cassettes .50, some various books like Junie B. Jones, Berenstein Bears 10 cents to 25 cents, a bunch of POGS .50

Also got an Abercrombie tote bag $1, Life is good flip flops .50, and a cool pillow $1, both for myself

Weirdo husband got some Hulk gloves for 25 cents.

Here's my kinda-sorta failure... I also bought a set of Sesame Street books for $3 and a cool pop-up book for .50. At that table I had bought the VHS tapes... Ended up I only got one of my bags... Sigh... So I lost $3.50... They are open tomorrow but I doubt we'll go back, it's for a good cause anyway... So I'm bummed but I guess I'll get over it.

Sale #4
Set of notepads & a cool bandana for the dog .50. Failure #2-- I think the bandana fell out of the car at some point because I can't find it.

Then I dragged the spouse to Goodwill! I got this Hockey Guys set for $1.99 to sell at the consignment sale, but similar items sell well on eBay so I'll probably try that first. No insertion fee, no loss! Darling just had to have some skate shoes for $4.99.

Hoping I'll do well... Sold my Littlest Pet Shop lot but the buyer hasn't paid... Knock on wood... haven't had a nonpaying buyer yet...


  1. Sounds like you had a great Friday at the yard sales! I'm actually really jealous of the hot rollers. I have been hunting for some and can't find any! To sell, of course.

  2. Actually I decided I'm going to keep the rollers, haha, or at least for a bit. Trying to do something different with my hair... They are really nice, I don't think they've ever been used.