Sunday, August 7, 2011

Great Sales on Friday

I am officially addicted to selling on Ebay &!! I've been building my inventory & learning a wealth of information from reading some blogs. Previously I was scouring yard sales & thrifts just for things for me and my family but now I'm on the lookout for resale items. And this will be the focus of my blog. Anyway, so on Friday DH & I ventured to a different area than we normally go, because Carlos heard about a restaurant he wanted to check out. The first two sales we visited were at neighbors' homes.

At the first sale, I found some vintage Polly Pockets! I have honestly never seen these at a garage sale or thrift! You would have bet I would have snagged them, because I loved PP's as a child and they're like the one toy I still have. I was super stoked to get these, even though they're just the houses and there's no people. I might venture up to the attic and take a few of my PP people; I know I have multiples. Each PP house was $1. I also got 6 books. I grabbed some for my classroom library as they were in good shape and newer titles. I think I will put Saving Juliet on though because it sells for a few bucks. The Dear America book I'm holding on to as I plan on listing a lot on Ebay when I get enough. Each book was .50. Spent $5.00 at this sale.

Next door I grabbed this Snugli baby carrier. It's in great shape. I signed up for a kids' consignment sale so I figure I can bring this there. I paid $3. I really should have asked if he'd have taken $2, but for whatever reason I didn't... I'm getting better at bartering though!

We went to a handful of other sales, but there was nothing fun. Next thing I got was a thing of yarn for .25. I'm going to use it for a team-building activity at school. At this same sale those blasted preschool entrepreneurs sucked us into getting a glass of lemonade for .25. They're persistent!

Next sale, no picture, but I got Jillian Michaels's 30 Day Shred workout DVD, .50. I picked it up for myself but will probably sell it. At this sale, I also got some items from the "FREE" bin/table... 4 pieces of boys' clothing (will try at consignment sale) and a book (to toss in my stack for Half Price Books)

Down the street we found another sale. As soon as we pulled up Carlos said "I am getting that Cavs chair!" Awesomely it was $5, but marked down to $2!

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