Sunday, August 14, 2011

Goodwill Outlet Trip 2

Went to my new-found treasure chest yesterday, the Goodwill Outlet. It's over an hour away so it will be a rare treat for me to go there, and we have to justify the gas mileage. It wasn't nearly as exciting as the first trip there. It was really mellow, which, if you read anyone's descriptions of what shopping at a GW Outlet is like, is very rare. They only switched out the bins once the entire time we were there. Bleh!

I didn't get anything super exciting... Last time I looked exclusively at the housewares bins, but this time I rummaged through books, shoes, and linens. I managed to find three pairs of Allen Edmonds men's shoes. Supposedly they sell well, we'll see how mine do. I also got a pair of Smart Fit kids boots & Land's End's kids canvas shoes for the consignment sale I've signed up for in October. Shoes total= $14.25 (they weigh by the pound). I sure hope the Allen Edmonds pay off!!!

Linens, I grabbed a bunch of receiving blankets to bundle together for the consignment sale. I also found a vintage Mickey Mouse bed sheet, a piece of Winnie the Pooh crib bedding, and a Winnie the Pooh throw. And a bandanna for Daisy, since I lost the one I got for 10 cents! Linen total= $3.38.

For books, I got 5 Nancy Drew books in great condition, a few books for my classroom, and some other children's books. $3.77.

Housewares... 2 Littlest Pet shops pets, some McDonald's toys still in their packaging (will throw that into a big lot with the stuff I got at a garage sale last week), a vintage Playskool puzzle set, some VHS tapes of Barney, Mary-Kate & Ashley, & Richard Simmons, a battery-operated dinosaur, some Mr. Potato Head parts, a notepad for myself, Blue's Clues radio, small My Little Pony, vintage Avon perfume, NIP Tinkerbell valance, & a NIP Wee Sing cassette & book. $7.11 for wares.

Also, on our way to GW we stopped at a sale advertised as "awesome" on Craigslist. There were like 3 kids that were getting in the way and being total pains. Whining to their mom about why their toys were out there and the prices of things. O.M.G. I spent $10 and I don't even know why I got some of the things I did. I got a knock-off Christian Dior purse for $1. For whatever reason I was thinking it might be authentic. I don't know why. I got home and found an authenticity card inside and got stoked! Well then I looked up how to tell a real designer bag vs. a knock off, and sure enough, it's a knock-off. It's simple and in excellent shape so I'll probably use it. I also got a Tamagotchi which is up in a lot right now, Carlos found an Xbox 360 game, I got a Melissa & Doug pirate chest, what I thought might be a Playmobil pirate ship but I don't know what it is after trying to research it, a Voltron or something figure, this box of random building pieces and parts, and a bottle of vinegar. Yes, I bought Giant Eagle apple cider vinegar at a garage sale. Well I needed it and it was still sealed. I used it today to make microwave pickles, YUM!

Teacher orientation starts tomorrow and goes all week so my summer is pretty much over. Which I guess in a way is good because I've been buying so much and not seeing a big enough profit just yet to justify spending more money, so it's good to cool down for a week or so.


  1. You got a great deal for all the toys at GW Outlet - great job!


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