Saturday, June 12, 2010

Last Minute Run to Giant Eagle 6/12

So I had a good coupon for Small Steps paper products that expired today, and I was unable to find that brand when we went to Meijer, so DH & I ran over to Giant Eagle for a few last minute items. FYI Giant Eagle is within walking distance (albeit we drove because it's dark and storming) so it wasn't a horrible, maniacal, last minute evil wife thing to do. I think we'll do 10 PM shopping from now on; it's so quiet there!

Here's what we came away with...

Open Pit BBQ sauce found .35q on the bottle doubled= .30 (got 2)
Small Steps tissue -$1.00 q= .34
Dad's Cat Food -$1.00 q= 2.49
WW English Muffins= 4.19
Diet Orange Soda=3.50
Tabasco Sauce -.75q doubled= .09
Green Tabasco Sauce -.75q doubled= *THEY paid ME .09 to take it out of the store!* (So for whatever reason, the coupons evened out so that both Tabasco Sauces were FREE!)

Total: $12.68

I wanted the English muffins since we are doing WW and they are only 1 point, DH wanted the cereal and the soda... Otherwise I think everything else was an okay deal. Biscuit the Kitten apparently thought so too! I think he was admiring his lookalike on the cat food bag.

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