Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Ugh. eBay and I are not friends right now. In this past month I've had to open 3 unpaid items cases. Two closed without any communication from the buyers, and one was like "oops so sorry". How do you order something by accident? Then I had a lady's "son" order without permission and she's asked me to cancel the transaction. Riiight. To top it all off, I got a neutral feedback from someone who said my communication could have been quicker, even though I apologized and tried to explain to her that it was the first week of school when she ordered and I have a life job. Now I just got hit with a negative from a super annoying guy who kept emailing me over Labor Day weekend. Yes, I admit, I was bad with communication, but, hello, banks can close on Labor Day so I can too.

This better not get me in trouble with the eBay powers that be!

Today I dropped my goodies off at consignment sale #2. I have good feelings about this! Shooting for at least $200.


  1. Good luck with the consignment sale! As for communication, well, Ebay is open 24/7 and if we have listings up we should expect inquiries. It's terrible to say but buyers (and those ebay powers that be) don't care if we have a life. I too had an unpaid item this week. Never heard squat from the buyer (who had over 3000 FB. Go figure). I won the case, but I'd rather have the money from the sale.

  2. Too bad about the guy who left you negative. Some buyers think sellers are available 24/7. I try to put my store on vacation for holiday weekends, but that still doesn't guarantee no negatives. Hope the consignment sale went well. I just added you to my blog roll on my side bar. Looking forward to reading more posts!