Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New Year, New Blog

Who I am: I am a 22 year old middle grades teacher. I live with my husband, our fat orange cat, and our newest addition, a little gray and white kitten whom we adopted a week ago. Previously, we were parents to a ginormous albino guinea pig, but we didn't give him the attention he deserved, so he now lives with our nieces and nephew, who shower him with lots of love and affection.

Why I want to blog: I often feel the need to express myself and I want a place to do so. I'm finding myself in an interesting time in my life, that transition from child to adult. These past few years have been so eventful for me... all started at the end of my senior year of high school... Met my now husband... went away to college... came back and went to community college... started having increasingly terrifying panic attacks- a time which I categorize as my all-time low... was diagnosed with panic disorder and put on medication... began to see the bright side of life again, started my teaching program, and began loving life.... got engaged... everything was going wonderfully... went to Florida, first trip on a plane... then BAM!... my mom dies unexpectedly on July 15, 2008... for the past almost 1 1/2 years I've been picking up the pieces. Got married, moved into my first place, adjusted to being a newlywed. Made it through my senior year of college, got my first real job, moved 2 hours away... Also in the past 1 1/2 years I've gained a considerable amount of weight! Trying to juggle real adult life can be hard.

Anyway. As we now approach a New Year, I need to move on. I need to get over all the hurt and pain and nonsense. I am committed to focusing on being a better wife and the best teacher ever. 2010 also brings a first for us- we will become first-time homeowners mid-January. We will incur a mortgage which is not exciting to a tightwad like me :(

Throughout this blog I hope to document my life changes... in 2010 I hope to lose weight, get debt under control, and just overall become more level-headed and productive. I'd like to accomplish a lot because in 2011 I want to start TTC.

So yeah. Here I am! Ready to share my successes and failures.

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