Sunday, February 21, 2010

Meijer Deals 2/20

Not horribly exciting... Sorry no picture as my husband graciously put the food away for me :)

Transaction #1
Ketchup= .77
Frank's Red Hot Sauce .99 -50 mfc doubled= FREE
Green Grapes 1.86 lb= 3.70
Bananas 1.41 lb= .47
Macaroni Grill Dinner Kit 2.99-1.00 Mealbox q-1.00 mfc=.99
Wanchai Ferry Dinner Kit 2.99-1.00 Mealbox q-1.00 mfc=.99
3 Betty Crocker Warm Delights @1.50 each -(3) .50 mfc-1.00 Mealbox q= 2.00
4 Betty Crocker Cookie Mixes @ 1.50 each -(3) .40 mfc=3.30
4 bags of Chex Mix @ 1.00 each -various mfc=2.00

Total: $14.80 & got $1.00 catalina for buying the Warm Delights

Transaction #2
Bag of Animal Crackers=1.19
-1.00 catalina from Warm Delights

Total: $1.25

I followed some couponing websites to get the deals on the Chex Mix and Betty Crocker items, but the coupons I printed were "do not double". The websites had suggested that they double anyway, so I took a shot, but no, they didn't double. Still a good deal, but I will be looking next time to see if perhaps I can find more mfc from the newspaper instead of the Internet and see if those double... I'm just getting back into couponing again so I'm going to go slowly!

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