Sunday, February 21, 2010

CVS goodies 2/21

Got a few steals at CVS today!

10 cans of Bumble Bee tuna @ .49 each -(2) mfc for 1.00 off 5 cans= 2.90 (29 cents a can!)

EARinse @ 7.99

Air Wick Freshmatic @ 5.99-5.00 mfc=.99

pack of gum for DH=1.49

and then the clearance Valentine's Day goodies!

1 heart necklace @ 75% off=.75

Harry Potter valentines @ 75% off=.75

heart shaped pillow @ 75% off=1.49

rose heart shaped wreath @ 75% off=1.25

I used 10.50 in ECB & paid 8.32 OOP. I got back 7.99 for the EARinse. I will also get reimbursed for the EARinse for our Flex Spending Account.

Tuna for .29 a can was a steal! I'll be making sandwiches for our lunches. The Air Wick will go up in the laundry room where the litter box is. Stinky! The valentines come with bookmarks which I'm excited about because I love Harry Potter. I'll save the valentines for next year's students. The wreath is a start to our house's holiday decor. I'll put it on the front door next year. The pillow & necklace will be my niece's First Communion gifts. I think she'll love the pillow- it's pink, fluffy, and lacy, and she is such a girly girl.

Sorry for the quality of the picture- I used my web cam because I couldn't find my digital camera, and I didn't want to wake hubby from his pre-work nap to ask him where it is.

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