Wednesday, June 15, 2011

CVS & Giant Eagle

Today's errands left me with 2 free Hershey Aerated Bars from CVS, thanks to free item coupons I printed off.

At Giant Eagle I got 4 DiGiorno small pizzas. They were on sale for 4/$12, buy 4 and get an automatic $2 off, plus I had 3 $1 coupons & 1 $2 coupon. So 4 pizzas for $5.

I got 2 boxes of Frosted Mini Wheats with fruit in the middle. Priced at $2.50 each, plus I had a $1 coupon & a BOGO free coupon. So 2 boxes for $1.50.

Also a little birdie on A Full Cup tipped me off to a deal. Rhodes Warm & Serve Multigrain rolls are being discontinued and are 50% off, or $1.49. I had .75 coupons which doubled to make this FREE! I got 2 packages. I have 2 coupons left if I can find anymore at another store.

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