Thursday, June 13, 2013

A new venue, or alternate title: It pays (literally #christraeger) to eavesdrop.

So last week I was at my favorite (although I have one that is coming in at a close second- more about that in a moment) thrift and I was leisurely strolling the aisles, and I overheard a conversation happening between a worker and a customer. They were talking about selling at a flea market. Hmm, silly me, I didn't even realize we had good flea markets down here, despite the fact that I've lived here for almost 4 years. I guess I thought that the flea markets that did exist down here were in poor neighborhoods. Well I listened eavesdropped for a bit and mentally recorded the names of the two locations they were speaking of. When I got home I checked their websites, and I was very impressed with how professionally done the websites were. A quick decision was made; I would try my hand at selling at the flea market!

So last Saturday we did just that. I only had a day to prepare, so I gathered a bin of plush, a bin of cake pans, and a few random oddities. We set up shop at around 6 am, paying only $10 for our space. In a short 4 1/2 hours, I cleared $78 (after fee). I also learned that I will not get eBay prices, so I will be varying my inventory for this upcoming weekend, and doing more or less "take this please I can't bear to look at it anymore" items. Here is what I did sell:

A bunch of comic books- $25 (free to me; from my dad)
An "I kiss better than I cook" sign, which actually went to an older man, which in hindsight, is creepy, $2 (probably what I paid for it- from a gs)
3 of DH's video games- $12 (he probably had $20 invested in them)
a curtain rod- $5 (originally purchased for our personal use but has been taking up space in the garage for 2 years- probably paid $12 ish)
a Hindu god statue- $10 (.50 at gs)
Attorneys at Flaw board game $2.50 ($1 gs)
Wineopoly board game $2.50 ($1.99 gw)
Likes and Gripes board game $3 (probably $1.99 ish VOA)
Toy Story travel pillow $3 ($1.25 I think, CVS clearance)
VS dog $1 (.50 VOA)
glow sticks $5 (originally paid $11.99, bought them for a school event my first year teaching but never used them)
Barbershop DVD $1 (IDK)
2 ties $10 for both (probably around $5 for both- Ohio Thrift)
another DVD $1 (free to me; from my dad)

As you can see, the profit margins are slim, but rookie mistakes, chalk it up to the learning curve, profit is still profit, and like I said, I know better what to bring next time!

As for that second favorite thrift I mentioned earlier...

Yesterday I had to go to the P.O. and on my way home I dropped off books at the library and I just had to check out the Goodwill. Cuz you know, I hadn't been thrifting in 6 days. But it was an instance when it PAID to stop. I stumbled upon a delightful assortment of vintage items, from the late '60s and '70s, all in their original packaging. I assume all donated from the same person. For whatever reason, Goodwill significantly underpriced said items. Which is quite a surprise because the Goodwills down here actually make a point of gathering their high-end merch for a live auction each weekend. But for whatever the reason, I was able to snag 3 red-line Hot Wheels cars, STILL IN THE ORIGINAL PACKAGING, for .99 each. Um. Guess what? Completed listings go up to $200 each!!! SAY WHAT! I have already listed one, and it already has two bids up to $60.99. Um. I paid .99!! I also got a new in packaging 1967 Barbie dress set. Completeds show around $80 and that's for USED. Golly goodness. I will keep you posted! Definitely had a WOW FACTOR moment! #storagewars

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  1. Congrats on the Barbie NIP find!! Cha ching! I did an indoor flea market over the winter to get rid of my ebay flops. Yes, you have to practically give things away, but it's a few extra bucks and for $10 a table, it's worth it to at least get your money back on those items.