Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Stuff, and other stuff...

Tis the second week of summer and I am pretty bored! Well on Thursday I head up to my dad's house where I'll be for an indefinite amount of time. He is having surgery on Friday, and being as he lives alone, I will be spending time as his caregiver so-to-speak. Which I hope doesn't really happen, as in, I hope his surgery is very successful and he doesn't need any help. Time will tell.

Anyway these past few weeks have been uneventful. We did the flea market again, saw a few free movies (Gofobo, anyone?) and the dog and I have been taking our daily treks through the neighborhood. Oh, and I found a new amazing show on Amazon Instant Video! It's called Out of Practice. It didn't even last a full season (although the whole first season did make its way online) and it starred Stockard Channing, Henry Winkler, Ty Burrell (better known as Phil Dunphy- dad on Modern Family.) and Christopher Gorham (better known as HOT). It is just hilarious. I highly recommend you check it out if able!

Decided to check some of my older entries. It's funny how the direction of this blog changed. When I first created it, I actually said I had created it as an outlet to express myself. Now it's part reflection, but also part sharing in this incredible thrifter community I've stumbled upon. By the way, in my first entry (dated 2010), I said I wanted to start trying to conceive in 2011! My, how things have changed. At this point, I don't know if I ever want children! (well aside from the assortment of furry ones and the ones I teach, who will forever be a part of me)

Anyway, so we did the flea market again, and here are the results from our second trip out. Like I hinted, I changed the direction to more or less "get it out of my sight, I am so sick of looking at it" items, which trust me, we have enough of. Made $68.50, not including the $10 fee.

$5 dolly step ladder thingie (paid 25 cents for at a gs)
$10 XBox HD DVD player and handful of DVDs (personal property)
$10 box of Power Rangers trading cards (free to me; from Dad)
$5 cat carrier (personal property...was our sweet little kitten's... R.I.P. Monty)
$5 4 comics (free; from Dad) and 2 video games (personal property- junk games from gs)
$2 dog pillow (personal property, which Daisy chewed a hole in, and then proceeded to never sleep on again. Spoiled mutt.)
$2 pocket packs of tissues ($2 at Dollar Tree- originally got for school goodies but never used)
$4 Halloween pillows (probably paid around $10 at Target- was going to use for decor but again, never used. Probably a good decision anyway. They were black pillows. Black + animals=mess.)
.25 single pocket pack of tissues (paid .25 originally at a back to school sale)
.25 microcassette (bought at an estate sale I posted about awhile back)
.50 Avengers jumbo eraser (bought for .20 at GW)
.50 grill stone (.50 TS)
$10 set of records (free; from Dad)
$14 pants (Carlos's)

Lastly, I have listed two of the Hot Wheels I posted about last week. One has a day left in auction. It is currently at $113.50. You can see it here:
That's the biggest profit I've ever made.

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