Saturday, August 31, 2013

Just a quick hello!

Yes, I'm still alive. Sorry for my lengthy blogging absence!

Summer is long gone and I have settled back into my work routine. It feels like I never left. Two weeks down (well 3 if you count professional development) already.

I'm working extra, doing the after school program 3 days a week, and I've made some connections with a local auction company. I did some running (getting the items during pick up) and helped write descriptions (it's all online, like eBay) so far, and I am scheduled to run for another auction next week.

After spending a month at my dad's hoarder's nest in the summer, I decided I can't keep buying so much stuff and just letting it sit around for months. So I've taken a step back, and I'm trying to organize and get rid of what I have before I buy more. It's hard though, because it's so fun. I'm doing just one consignment sale this fall and am marking down stuff so it goes. My plan is to purge and then start new. I mean, I'll still make profits, but my mindset is quick nickel not slow dime.

Well, see ya later!

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