Sunday, October 20, 2013


Hello blogosphere!

I have been busy. Working 3x a week until 6 pm, bowling league on Tuesdays (we're in first place! say what!), trivia on Thursdays, and doing some auction work here and there.

Unfortunately, my school had some terrible news on Friday. There was a horrible car accident (maybe you've read about it-- I know it was on USA Today's website) in which a family of 6 was killed. Both parents and four daughters ranging in ages from 2-16. They were hit by a police officer who was responding to a robbery. Well the 12 year old was a seventh grader at my school. Not personally my student, but still. Student of my friends, and a friend of my students. Absolutely heartbreaking. They had come to Iraq for a better life. They were on their way home from visiting with my former students' family... They leave behind 5 sons, three who attend my school. I am not specifically looking forward to tomorrow... but the healing process must begin...

I tried to balance out this tragedy the way I know how-- distracting myself and I do that with deal$. The Dollar General across from my school is going out of business so I've been checking in every few days. I went in today and their toys were 90% off! Yeah!!

Goodies including several Wuggle Pets for $1.00 each, and ketchup... lol... 

I also went today to start stocking my new display case at the antique mall! I am splitting it with my former student's aunt, the one who got me involved in the auction company. I am excited to see how this new venue turns out, especially since I barely have time for eBay during the school year (and not to mention I still loathe shipping!).

Not everything here is mine... I have a total of 10 cents invested so far.. I won 9 penny auctions yesterday plus the 1 cent premium. :)

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  1. Wow, i'm sorry to hear about the accident. That's horrible news.

    That 90% off sale was GREAT though. I hope you can make some really good money with those items. :-)