Saturday, January 11, 2014

December Stats

Well I lost money in my display case in December.

I sold, after 10% commission:

Royal Albert Christmas Plate 10.80-.01 cost (auction)= 10.79
Nativity 4.50 -.50 cost (VOA) =4.00
Candlestick 1.80-.01 cost (auction) =1.79
2 people Christmas ornaments .90-nothing (from my dad)
Carlton Cards Angel ornament .90-nothing (from my dad)
another angel ornament .90-nothing (from my dad)
Santa card holder 2.70-.45 (VOA)=2.25
Santa candle 4.50-.99 (GW)=3.51
Santa candle holder 4.50-.99 (GW)=3.51

Total after commission and costs= 28.55 -52$ rent= -$23.45

So naturally, if I'm in the red, the next step is to rent a bigger space. Yes, that's exactly what I did. We'll see how that pans out.

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