Monday, March 10, 2014

January Booth Sales

Well my brilliant plan paid off. Upgrading to a bigger space was just what I needed. It makes sense that not all people would visit the display cases, or if they did, they might not be as likely to buy since you can’t really pick things up on impulse, you know, since you have to have the case unlocked. As of now I am still paying for the case in addition to the booth, but that might change in a few months. I split the case with a friend and she is hesitant to give it up. Well here is what I sold, after 10% commission (both booth and case)

Good Friends mug,4.50-.50 (VOA I think)=4.00
Keurig K-Cup Carousel 5.40-3 (ish?, Goodwill I think)=2.40
Statue of Liberty Pennant 2.70-.50 (VOA)=2.20
Halo video game 1.80 (Carlos’s personal collection)
Cast Iron Muffin Tin, 4.50 (free, from my dad)
Niagara Falls rock, 4.50 (free, from my dad)
Whale Canvases, 1.80-.01 (auction)= 1.79
Heart Trinket Box, 1.80-.01 (auction)=1.79
Vase with hands 7.20-1 (ish? auction)=6.20
9 CDs I got when Dollar General went out of business= 18.90-.90=18.00
I Love You mug 2.70-.01 (auction)=2.69
round glass jar 4.50-.01 (auction)=4.49
Pinball Machine 22.50 (free)
Italians mug 4.50-.30 (VOA)=4.20
GI Joe 4.50 -.50 (ish, Dollar General)=4.00
Dame Edna mug 4.50-.01 (auction)=4.49
Tackle Box 4.50 (free)
Wine Bottle 4.50.-.99 (ish, Goodwill)=3.51
Fisher Price whistling teapot 4.50-.90 (VOA)= 3.60
St. Paddy’s Garland .90 (IDK what I paid)
Knife 7.20 (IDK)
Car Wash Bottle 10.80 (IDK)
Orange Spiral Plate 4.50 -.01 (auction)= 4.49
Scarlet/Tara plate 9.00-1.00 (auction)=8.00
Melanie/Ashley plate 9.00-1.00 (auction)=8.00
Hot Booties 5.40 (IDK)
Bottle 7.20 (free)
NKOTB game 18.00 (IDK)
cardboard Alice in Wonderland 18.00 (free)
18 Dr. Seuss books, 32.40 (?10$? garage sale)=22.40
metal plate .90-.01 (auction)=.89
Spiderman comic 7.20 (free)
Spiderman comic 10.80 (free)
Straight Razor 10.80 (IDK)
matches .90-.01 (auction)=.89
All in the Family LP 4.50 -2.01 (auction)=2.49

$244.62 after costs, which means I made $39.62.

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