Sunday, January 30, 2011


This week at CVS I was able to get 5 12-packs of Coca-Cola products.

On sale 5/$15, used $10ECB from Pepsi deal, paid $6.02 OOP, received $5.00 ECB back.

That's $1.02 for 60 cans, or .02/can :)

An even cooler thing I did this week was go to a colleague's No Gift Receipt Party. The gist is that you bring in something you own that you no longer want (new or very gently used) and swap for something you do want. Kind of like a white elephant but aimed at better quality. I brought 4 things...
  • A set of 4 little pink plastic bins from Wal*Mart, I believe I paid $4.00
  • Christmas garland with white lights, was $7.00 but I know I got it for 50% off
  • 3 candle holders (put together as a set), sticker on the bottom said $6.99 for each, but I got them for 75% off
  • Photo Refill Pages, $2.00

So if my math serves me correctly, I spent $14.75 on everything I brought.

Well I am SO STOKED to tell you what I came home with!
A set of 3 different bath & body items, a spray, bubble bath, and lotion
Glee CD
A hand-crocheted hat and a shower cap
A humungous bag full of all kinds of NEW Victoria's Secret, Bath & Body Works, etc. items!! Seriously, I am still amazed... I was told the lady who brought it's sister works for the Limited so she gets all kinds of goodies... So it was one person's leftovers became someone else's treasure!! Retail, all those items cost HUNDREDS... There's perfumes, make-up, hair products, bath salts... I am in tightwad HEAVEN!

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