Thursday, January 20, 2011

Our Debt

It's kind of embarrassing and scary to put this out there, but, I'm going to tell you how far in debt we are. I really want to get out of debt as soon as possible, and then never, if humanly possible, get into debt again. We have a total of 5 credit cards, 1 student loan, 1 car, and 1 mortgage. I have no problem with having the mortgage-- we come from lower/working middle class backgrounds and that's just how it is. My car is paid off and I will drive it till it dies. Same with hubs' car, which we are still paying for. Once we get our credit cards paid off, I never plan on getting another one. I want to start building our savings accounts. But we are both so young, full-time jobs, no children, I see a great financial future ahead of us as long as we continue being frugal!

Anyway... Here is the damage :-/

Bill Me Later: $500.00
Citi CC: $9,197.89
Discover CC: $1,650.18
Goodyear CC: $861.05
Capital One CC: $702.77
Student Loan: $6,900.85
Car: $17,021.30
House: $153,953.15

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