Monday, January 17, 2011

Spent less than $10

Since both DH & I had today off due to Martin Luther King, Jr. day, we went out to a breakfast buffet. On the way home, we visited a new (to me) thrift store called The Country Closet. It's owned by a Mennonite Church. I was very impressed. It was very clean with everything organized perfectly. They had a huge selection of books with everything sorted into categories, neat bags full of toys and school supplies, etc. Plus the prices were super reasonable; the cheapest I've seen in a long time! After our stop at the thrift store, we visited the scratch & dent grocery outlet to pick up a few things. Here's what we got today...

@ the thrift store:
3 shirts, all on the bargain rack for .50 each
a Tamagotchi, still in its packaging for .50, I think we'll try our luck at selling this on Ebay
a little Tinkerbell tin for .20, will use in my class store
a pack of 8 little buttons for .20 to use in class store
a puzzle to use for my ESL kindergarteners, .50
a book to sell in my class store, .25
a book for myself, I believe it was .50

@ Dings & Dents:
DH had to get himself 2 boxes of Christmas Tree Cakes, 1.00 each
cinnamon, .99
a cake pan, 1.49
a can of corn, .49
English muffins, FREE

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