Thursday, February 24, 2011

Garage Sales

So I am a garage sale junkie. Unfortunately in Ohio, the winter means it is too cold for many sales... But I was able to find 2 last weekend. One was a sale at a high school and one was a moving sale inside a house.

I had to work in the morning, so we got to both sales later on. Which is fine with me, because that's when the markdowns occur. Especially at fundraiser sales, which often have fill-a-bag type deals. Well the high school sale didn't have a fill-a-bag, but one of the workers was shouting out that anything marked 25 cents was now free. I got a few knick-knacks for free, which I will use to sell at my class store (reward for good behavior), as well as a wax dipped bear, a dog science kit, and a boatload of books for my classroom library (a few for my personal interest too). At this sale I spent $5.00.

At the moving sale, I wasn't finding much at first... Not my style (older stuff) and too pricey for the thrifty queen here. But I ended up finding a pair of unique bookends with globes on them for $2.00. Of course, at every sale I go to, I bring up the fact that I'm a teacher when I'm looking for things, and the lady here told me she had a bunch of office supplies. She gave me several nice new pens, pencils, permanent markers, dry erase markers (I go through so many of these!), etc. for a dollar, and I found a box of colored pencils for a quarter. So here I spent $3.25.

Everything pictured cost $8.25. Can't wait for spring so I can go to sales every weekend :) Still need to build up my post-weight loss wardrobe...

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