Saturday, May 14, 2011

Church Sale Saturday

This is the reason why people should never pay retail.

We went to some garage sales this morning. They were all church sales, which I loooove, because they have super cheap prices. Also the proceeds go to good causes, like urban programs, trips to developing countries, relief aid, etc.

Sale #1: $2.75

Clothes were 25 cents each. I got:
* 2 Calvin Klein bras
* Dashboard Confessional t-shirt
* Xhilaration pajama pants
* Eddie Bauer sweater
* Forever 21 jean shorts/capris
* plaid Mossimo shirt

We also got some goodies from the bake sale- proceeds were going to help Japan.

Sale #2: $1.00

Clothes were 50 cents each. I got:
*long-sleeved Old Navy shirt
* pair of SO jeans

Sale #3: $5.50

Perhaps my favorite part of church sales is they often have fill-a-bag deals towards the end. This sale had fill-a-bag for $5.00. I got a bag of the following:
*Victoria's Secret bra
*No Boundaries shirt
* 2 American Eagle shirts
* Juicy Couture shirt
* OSU sweater
* Eddie Bauer shirt
* Old Navy shirt
* Tommy Hilfiger shirt
* Gap Inspi(red) shirt
* Volcom zip-up hoodie
* 5 other no-name shirts
* Tommy Hilfiger pants
* Merona khaki shorts
* J. Crew pants
* 2 pairs of AE jeans
* AE khakis
* no-name dress pants
* no-name dressy capris
* gorgeous Old Navy skirt

*I also got a pair of Nine West sandals for .50

Overall I picked up 35 items and spent $9.25. Upon inspection at home, I noticed one of the pairs of pants is ripped. But I can live with that. It cost pocket change to build up my wardrobe, so I'm not overly bummed if I stain a shirt or if the dog eats a pair of shoes (oh and she has, like a pair of Crocs, which I got for... one dollar... gasp) . If clothes I pick up don't fit, I will auction them off on Listia, or as I am currently doing, put things aside for my own garage sale this summer.

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