Saturday, May 7, 2011

May Day Festival & Silent Auction

My school had a May Day Festival to earn money to build a security fence. I brought my "birthday money" (LOL...) which my dad sent to me, $20, to spend. I spent $17 of it on the following:
$10 on a handmade necklace & earring set one of my students' sisters was selling
$3 on sweets my student made
$3.50 on hamburgers
$.50 on a carnival game

(have $3 left)

There was also a silent auction. I won the following which I wrote a check for:
a handmade bracelet @ $2.50
FREE haircut coupon @ $1.00
gift card for Loops restaurant (not sure how much is on it, I will ask the PTO mom on Monday) @ $5.56
the cake pictured which is delicious... @ $13.00
Jimmy John's 15-piece party tray @ $7.50
FREE professional bike tune-up @ $2.00

So we spent around $50 which goes to a good cause... And we got some cool deals out of it.

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