Saturday, May 28, 2011

Meijer 5/28

Well I must say that while I got a lot of good deals today at Meijer, my experience with the cashier was not a good one. It was nothing particular; he was just an unfriendly, rude person. I'm sorry but if you don't like your job, then find a new one. No need to take it out on the customers. Needless to say next time I will be avoiding his checkout lane.

Garden soil @ $3.99
Cottage Cheese @ .89- FREE item coupon which only took off .85 (who knows why, and it wasn't worth my while to ask Steve the cashier for 4 cents)=.04
Aunt Millie's hot dog buns @ 1.69-.55 q doubled= .59. Store was having a B1G2 free sale, so I got 3-packs of buns for .59!
Duncan Hines brownies which I had a raincheck for. FYI make sure you give the cashiers the rainchecks at the beginning. Scuba Steve grumpily informed me of this. @ 1.09 -50q doubled=.09
Milk @ 1.99
6 Smart Ones= 15.48 - 2 .75q which did not double and a free item coupon for one= $11.09 for 6
Cottage Cheese @ 2.68 -FREE coupon which took off 1.12= 1.56
Cream Cheese @ 2.99- FREE coupon which took off 2.28= .71
Pork Chops @ 4.86
Steak @ 5.30
Steak @ 7.86
Cat food @ 7.49 -2.00q= 5.49
Ribs @ 11.21
Brats @ 2.89 -.55 q doubled= 1.79
8 packs of Ballparks @ .98 each - (4) .75/2 q doubled= $1.84 for 8 packs! That's 23 cents each pack!
3 Kraft BBQ sauce @ 1.25= 3.75 and we got 8 ears of corn free because of this
2 boxes 100 calorie pack cookies @ 2.50 each -1.00 Meijer coupon= 4.00
2 bags dog food @ 16.99 -8.00q= $25.98 plus a $6 catalina printed= $19.98 also I believe there is a rebate for 1 bag that I can submit

No clue why those free items rang up the way they did. It's disappointing but I didn't want to "trouble" Steve anymore than I had to. Lesson learned: sometimes arguing over a few dollars isn't worth it.

Lesson #2: Meat is EXPENSIVE. We're grilling this weekend though. Normally we stick to pork chops and chicken for dinners with meat.

I am getting more assertive though. The 2 free buns didn't come off, so I went to customer service and got a refund.

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