Saturday, October 1, 2011

Consignment Sale Inventory

I've been finding more and more junk to take to the consignment sale. It's sort of sad that I've acquired so much random stuff. This sale also does household items so I'm getting rid of a lot of the holiday decor we have, since it's a pain to put up and no one comes to visit anyway. So far, I have items worth $579.50 (before the 35% taken out) listed in the database. My goal is to get to $1000. $1500 would be nice but I doubt if I have that much stuff. We'll see. The deadline to enter inventory is Monday at 10 AM so we'll see what I get done tomorrow. I have all the Christmas stuff in the attic, some books, board games, a few items from the thrift in the trunk of my car, an end table, and some various toys to list.

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