Sunday, November 27, 2011

Back to Work

3 weeks until Christmas break! 15 days to push through. My Christmas break will mostly consist of watching movies and getting organized. Same things as every year. Just a little relaxation!

These 5 days off have been decently productive. I got Wednesday off because I was presenting at a professional development day in Cleveland. So we left Tuesday night, spent the night at my dad's, I presented Wednesday afternoon, had Thanksgiving dinner with my dad & sister Wednesday night, went to my brother-in-laws Thursday and drove home Thursday night, did some shopping Friday and went to the gym, and then yesterday & today have been lounging days.

I got some thrift shopping in this break! I made it to 2 thrifts back in northern OH, including Salvo on 1/2 price day! I miss that store.

Still focusing on listing with my goal being to use up all my 50 free listings this month & next month.

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