Saturday, November 26, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving (weekend!)

I am such a bad blogger. Every day I check into my favorite thrifty blogs, but I rarely seem to update my own. I love hearing about others' experiences but I just can't seem to return the favor.

Black Friday was a wonderful opportunity to feed my frugal habits. I grabbed a bunch of stuff that was free after ECBs at CVS, including dishwashing tablets, toothbrushes, Kleenex, and Excedrin. With the ECBs, I was able to pick up a HUGE (1 lb!) set of Reese cups as one of my dad's Christmas presents and Carlos found two Star Wars figurines/candy dispensers for his stocking. We still have some ECBs to burn too. I've given up on couponing so I rarely go to CVS but I'm glad I checked the ad!

We also went to my favorite thrift which was having a 50% off everything sale (they also do this the last Tuesday of each month!). I got a load of awesome stuff for only $15.

Then we went to Wal-Mart where I got my nieces and nephews their pajamas for less than $5 each. I also picked up a bunch of TV shows on DVD which I listed on

Here's what I've sold recently on eBay:

These first three items were given to me by my dad to sell online. So I didn't spend anything on them.

Sold at Buy It Now for $29.99

Sold for $17.99

Sold for $6.99 BIN

This clock was one of the first items I bought for resale, back in the summer! I listed it half a dozen times, so I am amazingly grateful that it finally sold this time! I paid 90 cents and it sold for $15.99.

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